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Email Marketing Services In Hyderabad

Email marketing is an inexpensive and powerful direct marketing strategy that involves sending commercial message to a group of people or potential customers/clients by employing the medium of email. In fact, it has emerged as the most effective digital marketing strategy for getting new clients or communicating with existing clients.

In fact, email marketing is cheaper and faster than traditional mail that advertisers had been relying on. Email marketing now allows companies to reach their target audience or customers by sending highly targeted content quickly, easily and at very low cost. Moreover, this strategy also enables ecommerce businesses attain a higher response rate and higher average order value when compared with other digital marketing strategies.

Aalekhya Infotainment Pvt. Ltd offers comprehensive bulk and personalized email marketing services in Hyderabad. Our email marketing applications will empower your business to operate an email marketing solution that offers real-time insights into your campaigns and contacts. Aside from personalized email marketing services, our bulk email marketing services will enable your business to send coupons, offers, announcements and similar time-sensitive content to subscribers.

Our service offers several features that have key advantages:

  • Personalization of messages using your contact preferences.
  • Email template design
  • SMS/Text messaging to your contacts
  • The ability to track the responses to your SMS campaigns
  • Integration through Wordpress, ecommerce platforms, CRMs, payment systems, etc.
  • Real-time spam prevention to ensure target deliverability.
  • Archiving so as to access mailing lists
  • Ability to integrated with dynamic online marketing campaigns
  • Automatic schedule of emails
  • Notifications of email delivery and of links that are clicked.
  • Analytics tools to monitor email campaigns, click rates, unique clicks.

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