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Social media has grown as a massive marketing branding tactic in the new era of generation. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the progression of procuring website traffic or consumers attention through social media websites.

The main goal of SMM services is to improve best communication with the users, generate customized and unique content that the end users will be able to share with their social media network and this in turn helps out a company to increase brand awareness, visibility and reach potential customers with an ease. Social media posts and advertisements will act as a key to enhance your inbound traffic.

Usually social media marketing services focus to create content through digitalized content marketing strategies. Today, content marketing became a core part that catches the attention of readers and makes them more enthusiastic towards a customized service to reach out an ample of target audiences. Undoubtedly, well planned, researched and unique content stands out in the foremost position.

In any kind of business, customers visit a store at least once a week. Isn’t it? But through social media advertisements and posts, they regularly visit the brand sites for more and more updates and trending information. At present scenario, Social media marketing companies in Hyderabad have been developing and standing as a support to build brand recognition, exposure and unique content that provides better search engine ranking.

By means of interactive choices on social media networks/ tools like facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc., the customers get the chance to know, by asking their queries and getting the right solutions.

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Let’s know a factual aspect about social media now. According to Social Media Statistical Survey, 97% of small businesses use social media platform to attract new customers, but 85% of business owners are not sure about the right application of social media tools. 63% of consumers who go in search of businesses online are more likely to become brand consumers with an established social media services.


Aalekhya Infotainment is one of the passionate and fast emerging social media marketing company in Hyderabad. We have defined strategy and vision to grab customer’s attention, work effectively on providing digital marketing services, SEO services, PPC services and content marketing services. We envision interactive strategies and perform competitive analysis in order to generate more traffic to your website through our smm services in Hyderabad.

Advantages of our social media marketing services

Here we go with few advantages of smm services.

Brand Visibility and Awareness:

Social media is a great platform to build and enhance your brand recognition and visibility. Our strategy to customize your business visibility is to create dynamic profile pages for customers or clients on all major social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram etc., and enlighten to boost your website visibility.

Do you know this info?
Facebook Platform: 1.86 billion active users are notified on Facebook.
LinkedIn Platform: LinkedIn shows up more than 450 million user profiles.
Twitter Platform: 81% of Generation Y, check at least once per day.
Youtube Platform: More than half of the views are on mobile devices surfing Youtube channels for latest updates.

Exploring brand reliability and authority:

The utmost percentage of social media users is the millennials of today who form the largest consumer base group. This era people engage brands on social media platforms and develop strong relationships with good follow up of social media marketing services. Statistical studies proved that about 62% of customers that interact with top brands on social media become reliable customers.

Edifice long term customer interactions:

Mostly people wish to do business or interact with people. In this context, social media marketing companies in Hyderabad imparts you and your employees an opportunity to build up close relationships or interactions with your potential clients.

You can also intensify a good touch to your posts by a quick response to your followers’ queries and comments. Today, it grew easier for customers to ask for information about your business or products on social media networks. One can generate Quality Leads from Social Media that gives scope for targeted audience.

Enhance your conversion rates:

Your conversion rates will begin to increase high immediately when you exemplify your brand through social media platforms. You need to build trust in your brand through quality and unique content, i.e., through content marketing and maintaining continuous interactions with your followers. The significance of responding to all reviews and comments that may indulge negative aspects is that it boosts up confidence and trust in the mind of potential customers.

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